Being A Good Dish (for Death)

Being A Good Dish

You are a great dish, when you live your life to the fullest. When you allow yourself to experience everything. When you are your body, not just have a body.

The body is where all experience happens, even the mind, the spirit, the soul or however you may call it. The entity that lives is the body, it carries all the experience.
To be a good dish means, to give the body back all the capabilities to live and to experience a full life on this planet. The body developed out of it’s environment to live, to sustain, to act on, to perceive and to create life itself on this planet.
To be a body (and therefore a “good dish”) means to move at all times. Life is movement. Billions of movement operations any second within the cells of our body. You may call it flow, too.
Once this movement stops, we are dead.
To be a good dish means, to be a good dish for death. It means, that until this very moment, we lived to our full potential, to allow ourself to be more of ourself, to see, breath-in moments, create, act, move, love, get in contact with people. Basically to Perceive reality, which is a true miracle.
To be a body means to experience fear and pain. As life is precious these two main bodily radar-fuel-attention-boosters help us and where designed to live on earth.
Learning to fully experience pain & fear in the body allows us to gain back all capacities of the body and teaches us nonintellectual what is means to live a human life. Therefore we need to let go our reactions that we learned towards facing reality, the intensity of the moment, you may say “the truth” that there is only the now. This moment. This is what brings real courage, dignity and personal sense for being alive, surrounded by this beautiful, violent, dying, flourishing, pulsing, creative planet and it’s living creatures.
The more we live such a life, the more we are and allow to be living, breathing creatures, the more we are a good dishes.