Being A Body – Learning Through The Body

BEINGABODY is an attention training for your body. It aims on gaining more personal freedom when dealing with yourself and with your life. Being A Body will increase your personal well-being from session to session, depending on your own personal investment. You could say that it helps you to re-connect your mind and your body.

It works on the fact, that YOU ARE YOUR BODY.

This training is a journey with the following goal: if I sense and perceive more directly and clearly, what happens in me and in the world around myself, I can decide much more clear and with more inner freedom how I want to live in this world.


We ARE our body

Our body is not just a vehicle for our huge head (or mind), we are our body. Our body evolved through millions of years, to live, thrive, and survive in this specific environment called planet earth. We are no different from all other species on the planet in this regard. We are creatures. Our bodies are a direct result of life’s attempt to evolve. Our body functions are exactly developed to live here. Our senses are there to detect, perceive, sense the world around us and to face the challenges of life on a quite demanding planet.
This body is our direct connection from ourselves to the world around us. It is connected and depending but also separate and independent at the same time. This is the physical truth of our existence, no matter which ideas we have about life besides this. We are made of flesh and blood, bones and liquids, nerves, vessels, and so on. We are not ideas. We ARE.
So it makes sense to take a closer look at the body as a basis of our being, as a „channel of perception“, as a „vehicle of movement and expression“ and to look at how we can unveil its incredible potential for our life.

To BE OUR BODY is fundamental in order to give the body the freedom to start all relevant processes of healing that it is actually able to implement, to renew itself, and to grow. This is not only true for the sphere of physical issues, but also for an emotional or mental pattern. In fact, all these aspects – physical, mental, emotional – need to be looked at simultaneously in order to become to BE OUR BODIES again.

Being a body means to learn to be free – with all consequences

In my learning sessions, I describe, together with my clients, in words and with my hands, as clear as possible what is the “state of being” that we are stuck in. Session by session I will bring the attention out of their mind into their body, so they start to learn, what it is they are actually doing while being in these given life situations. By gaining this clarity and attention, the client can learn to alter the situation and to experience something actually new.

If you want to find out, if this is something for you, I recommend taking a look at the following page. „ What can I achieve with this training?“ I am listing there some general topics that can inspire you.