My Clients’ Feedback

Katrin (PR-Consultant & Yoga teacher, 32 years old)

The training with Adrian helped me to break down the issues that I already knew about into pieces and by this to learn step by step to change my behavior. The training showed without any esoterics how body and mind are connected. Many emotional aspects of my behavior do have a very clear physical pattern. When I became aware of that, e.g. when I realized how I stop breathing, hold tight my chest and legs and cut off my neck, I learned to let go of this effort and by this learned to change the situation.
The situation that I worked with was in negotiations with my clients, where I tent to lose a lot of presence and assertiveness. The training process helped to change this fundamentally: less effort, more clarity to get what I want. To feel the own power and at the same time to do less effort, sets off a lot of energy. I learned a lot about myself in the last months. And I laughed a lot, although the topics were serious at times. The become lighter, was one of the effects.

I thank you full-hearted, Adrian

– – – – – – – – – –
R.( project manager, 46 years)
„Doing the training process with Adrian, I learned to communicate with my body – or better: I decided to listen to it. Which seems a bit crazy, as if there is some difference between me and my body. But in the last months, I can see the huge changes, when I suddenly feel tall like 3 meters high and the positive energy makes me almost fly instead of feeling small – and somehow the victim of the situation. I often feel like no one takes care of me as I do to care for others. This is my role: to take care of everyone. And then I get small and needy, when „my feelings“ are ignored. With the training, I learned not to harden up and shrink at that moment, but rather expand and express what I wish for. And then there happens this easiness at this moment that I always wished for being with others. And this lightness creates a smile on my face and eyes and people around me can see it, too.
I learned to notice that I am constantly being on a controlling radar mode, actually already „knowing“ that I will be ignored and neglected – basically because I was raised exactly this way. I learned how I defend myself in these moments and how I separate myself from my surroundings when I am in this “pattern”. Actually I am not able to let anything in at all in these moments, and even if others would approach me, I wouldn’t be able to let it in. To let go of this is incredibly relieving, I am complete „with me“ and can allow, that others approach me.
[…] I am not another person and not perfect at all, but I learned to notice very early when I go into my pattern – and then I stop this way of being.

– – – – – – – – – –

M. ( film producer, 38 years)
“Adrian is a caring mentor who taught me that understanding my body paves the way to enhancing my emotional well being.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Joanna, 32, teacher
„ A friend of mine asked me recently if I ever tried working with Adrian, after I told her about my worries and daily thoughts and with the pain, that I experienced in my shoulder. I also had headaches and some strange pains in my feet for many years. We started to work on these tensions with Adrian and it became clear, that the part of an overall pattern to hold myself not to sense a series of emotions. I can just say it was THE investment of my life.
It is remarkable how much past experiences can shape the way you act today and how this behavior manifests in the body. And these experiences also shape how we perceive reality now. Through the bodywork, I could see relevant changes „inside and outside“. At the beginning I could believe how the training allowed to completely reshape my chest and shoulder area, my finding a completely different way of holding myself upright and with ease. But this is actually the result. I got closer to myself, to my thoughts and acts, and was able to let go of this „shield of protection“ that I was carrying around.
Adrian, thank you!

– – – – – – – – – –

Katrin, 37. Musician
„I am less of a coward!“
[…] With each session I change and my impulses change too. I am not only not reacting automatically anymore, but I also become freer and can act myself. I can straighten up, first physically, then mentally and by this completely change my attitude towards a situation or person and becoming much more confident and free. I can „last“ in conflicts much better, without becoming small or without cutting myself off/ disappearing. Usually, I created something like a bubble around myself, because I felt completely unable to act according to the situation. Now, I got the choice again, how I want to react. I could talk endlessly about all the fundamental changes, that I went through with Adrian. It is incredibly good and I am very thankful.