What can I get from it

The training is good for many people, but not for all. Generally speaking, it will work great for you, if you experiencing some sort of negative stress, exhaustion, physical or emotional pain or different topics related to fear and panic.
It is also interesting if you want to develop yourself and to give your life more strength, power, depth, sensitivity or riches.

Here you find a list of possible general topics of works:

– to be in the head, worrying, planning, controlling, etc.
– negative stress
– changing fixed moods (heaviness, seriousness, tensions, worries, fears, boredom, emptiness, anger, self-hate)
– change of behavior in specific situations (shyness, huffiness, being distant, becoming hard, confusion)
– finding courage for relevant changes
– finding clarity concerning professional or private decisions

– finding strength, trust and health to bring your projects to life
– to be in touch with life

– dealing with chronicle pain (headache, neck pain, back pain, menstruation pain, migraine, tinnitus)
– recovery processes after operations or accidents


The aim of the process will be described and defined in the first sessions. It is very likely that the process will have several sub-aims. The sessions will be given on a weekly basis.

As it is very difficult sometimes to actually get hooked on an abstract level, I collected some more real-life phrases to illustrate the issues many people have to deal with:

„When I sit an work, I tense up. I hate my boss, too. In the evening I am smashed and sometimes I feel like change jobs or even my profession.“

„I cannot focus. I have this wish, but as soon I want to go into action, I get confused and end up distracting myself.“

„When I am alone, I have this constant mood of being a loser.“

„I am on such a stress level, that whenever my kids come in, I snap“

„I really love her, but I can’t say No.“

„I want to change something, but I don’t know what.“

„I feel uneasy when I am with new people.“

„I want to learn to make clear decisions.“

„ I always dreamed to be…., but now invested so much time in the thing I do. I am afraid, I will look like a fool.“

This list can be extended in different directions. Some of my clients explain their experience like the following: „What clients say.“