The Inner World


With my line of work, I want to help to implement personal change in a sustainable manner – by becoming more of our body.

You could say: Yeah, right, I understand, good idea, but what do you mean by that? Where are we when we are not our bodies.?

The answer is pretty simple to summarize – in our head. And you could ask: Why is this? And why is this so damaging or unhealthy – I kind of feel good there! 😉
In the following blog entry I want to share my experience with the topic.
Most people learn very early in their lives to avoid certain physical sensations (fear, pain, tickeling, heat, cold, sweat, unknown movements, passivity, anger, love, strength, violence, silence). They learn to feel ashamed, or to judge themselves as weak or inappropriate. In early ages, we start to develop strong automatic reactions towards these body sensations, mostly because our enviornment can’t cope with them in one way or another. Yes, we are wild creatures :). Sometimes concious or also unconcious we learn to suppress, ignore, comment or complain about certain sensations and perceptions.
Instead we go in our head. And most of the time, we never really come back from there. (Especially as we live in times that support this kind of behavior. Academics these days, are valued to highest, pleople who’s work is mainly phsical is valued the least.)
As we are „up there“ in our heads and minds, too scared and overwhelmed to actually „face“ our bodies own reality, we look at the world and ourself, commenting, having opinions, giving us commands and somehow constantly blabber with ourself in some sort of „inner world“. This inner blabbering inside our heads becomes a quite distorted fiction of „ourselves“. We start to misinterpret our Talking with our Being. Many people are there quite long, whole generations transfer this kind of misfortunate behavior from one to another. Whole cultures seem to be built to a certain degree on the „ability“ of the individuals to limit and chatise the body’s specific intelligence and sensitivity and rather to implement a certain mistrust into the body. Instead of nurturing the potential of this beautiful living entity, we are trained to be „heads“. We are taking ideas and goals often without actually sensing and checking if they are really ours. These ideas are giant „glasses“ of perception that contradict very often with integral perceptions and the most inner truth that we cary within our bodies, our hearts, our guts, balls and vaginas.
Being in our minds we are talking to ourself, entangling ourselves and others more and more in a world of ideas – and while we are talking our world becomes smaller and smaller. Our ideas and inner pictures dominate us and we are scared more and more to leave this inner world. We re not only limiting our own freedom to move and act in life, by doing this. We also tend to take over the goals and wishes of others instead of trusting to sense what is good for ourself and to fully go for this. We are easier to manipulate in this stage, because we hardly dare to sense, what is true to ourselve.
To be a body means to me gain a certain resilience and freedom and by this to ask different questions. Instead of „what do I have to do or what am I able to achieve?“, I ask questions like „how does it feel?“ and „do I want this?“.
If the media talks these days about resilience, it is exactly this kind of strength to be our bodies, our hearts, balls and so on – to be our most inner values, our strength, our sensitivity and so on.

– (I hope it becomes clear that all this doesn’t mean all is going to fine! I talk about daring to be here and now, nothing else. I talk about freedom of choice and a much deeper understanding of your own and other’s existence. To become more rich from inside. But its not going to be just fine. Maybe often and even more often every day, but life is life and….) –

With all that contains life, the body is recommended to llok at the body as the basis of the human experience in order to live a life to the fullest. It is includes pain, defeat, mistakes, fear, insecurity same as pleasure, love, beauty, power, emptyness, Silence and so on.

I am teaching people with my hands and words to be much more attentive to their own bodies and through this, to make relevant and sustainable changes. The focus lies on breaking negative routines and automatic reactions in the persons life and by this to „open doors“ for new experiences.

In my opinion it is one of the healthies things to break routines – just because life stays in motion, because you start yourself and the body as more vivid and alive. And because you can meet challenges with more flexibility, relaxation and adaptibility.
These challenges, that everyone has, are looked at the one-on-one session individually.