Welcome to the Mojo-Dojo

Welcome to the Mojo-Dojo at beingabody.com 🙂
Very often clients are coming into my center with some physical symptoms and while we start working on them, it becomes clear that they avoid sensing something relevant within themselves and their life situation.
The client makes an effort „not-to-feel“ and instead holds himself in a certain way, maybe in the chest, in the neck or the legs. Or creates an effort „not-to-breath“. The client often knows to some extend, that the emotions related are to some extend TOO strong or not really adaquately related to the situation they are experiencing and thereby they drop into a dilemma: on the one hand I feel it, on the other hand what I feel is related to another situation. Or the situation is already over and I didn’t act according to my feelings and now feel I am stuck with it or still busy with it. With this „in our system“, we enter the next situation, still busy, still somehow holding ourself and thus – the next situation appears that I feel „not acting adaquately“. Instead of acting in the moment and according to my feelings there starts (or even started many years before) a vicious cycle of inner dialogue, confusing feelings. We can sense the inauthenticity that arises and for many of us it is difficult at this stage to get to stop that „cramp“ again. What I am talking about here, some people might just know temporarily, for some it is an atmosphere in their life that covers almost everything and sometimes even for a long time. Maybe they never knew anything else. It is quite easy to see, that this situation alone can lead to great suffering and that it can exhaust greatly and that you can loose your vitality. At the darkest point we give it a common diagnose: depression. Even to the point to have the sensation of loosing oneself. Feeling more and more helpless to manage these situations many people start to withdraw and to avoid similar situations. The withdrawal creates more pain, that we don’t want to feel and so on and so on.
The good news is, we can learn to stop this vicious cycles. I don’t want to go too deep at this point into how I actually work, but one is for sure, it is physical. Out of the mind.
To some extend we all know these feelings in crisis. Every day life, the job, the society around us with its adamant rhythms and „laws“ around us, leave no time to sense what is really going on. To some extend we might still be influenced by things that happened ages ago. Which leads to clients coming to me, who don’t have a clue anymore what is going on, trapped in a jungle of feelings, pains, fear and the adamant hammering of their thoughts, that shout instructions, thoughts that often lead to nothing, but to raise the inner pressure. It is easy to see how this can destroy any kind of Mojo – I use Mojo here aquivalent with „Lust of Life“, „Drive“, „Balcance“ or however you want to call it.
We don’t find the time and the space, where we can focus on ourself, our perception, our sensing and the body in general. We „think“ that this is maybe not so important. Other things are important. Sensing, in our eyes is somehow weird, embarrassing, bizarre or just „giving into our own weakness.“ Especially with men this is very widespread. Me myself I had to go to the point where I literally collapsed until I was ready to drop my pride and to listen. Or to actually sense. Pride is important, but sometimes also a great trap. 🙂
So, what am I talking about here?
Of course. About my work and my center which I want to call the Mojo-Dojo today. It is a training room for the modern „Big-City-Ape.“ That’s what we are. Creatures with the ability to imagine like gods, born and often trapped in this wonderful, vulnerable, sensibel and finally mortal hull of our bodies (watch out – poetry).
The rooms that I offer is yours: to learn about pain and fear and about the many ways that we hold ourself and our existence rather than TO BE IT. To have a great life.
www.beingabody.com – practical, profound and with touch.
Looking forward to see you.